Problem: ‘Your App’ could not be installed at this time. The app downloads and starts installing, but then the icon goes grey again.

Solution: When we see this, it is an issue with how the Provisioning Profile and app were setup in the Apple Developer Portal or what certificates / profile was used when you generated the IPA.

Our recommendation is to:

  1. Delete all Provisioning Profiles for this app in your Apple Developer Portal.
  2. Make sure Application Services in the ‘Identifiers’ match anything you are trying to do in the app (Push, iCloud etc).
  3. Create a new Provisioning Profile
  4. Build a new Ad Hoc IPA using the New Provisioning Profile.  Make sure the certificate you are using to sign the IPA is the same certificate you used in the Provisioning Profile!
  5. Upload the new IPA into installr as a new app.
  6. Turn off ‘Auto-Provisioning’ in the SETTING tabs of the App. Then turn it on again and enter your ADP details.
  7. Before you invite anyone, make sure you can install the app (from installr) on your phone. You can either invite yourself or just login to on your phone, open the app and click the ‘install’ button.

Problem: Installr can’t find my Provisioning Profile.
Solution: Make sure you have setup an Ad Hoc provisioning profile with the correct certificates as per our guide! Then rebuild the IPA using the Ad Hoc provisioning profile and upload it to Installr.

Problem: Anything else!
Solution: email us at and we will help you out.