Distributing an IPA via Installr

Once you have built an Ad Hoc IPA, you are ready to distribute it to your testers.

We are assuming you have created an account on Installr and have logged into your dashboard.

1) To get started, click the ‘Upload New App’ button.

2) Browse to your IPA or drag it onto the box. You can also enter optional Release Notes (in text or MarkDown) and click ‘Upload’.
Installr will parse your IPA to determine some basic information and detect if it is a new app or just a new version of an existing app.

3) Enter the email addresses of your testers, enter your Apple Developer Account credentials and click ‘Invite and Finish’. If you don’t want Installr to sync with your Apple Developer Portal automatically, you can manually upload new builds when testers register new devices.

That’s it! You can always upload new builds and add or remove testers from your Dashboard.

You can also invite other developers or project managers so they can upload builds or invite testers.

Don’t want to manually upload files? Check out our API!