Exporting a Private Key as a .p12 file

For Installr to update the embedded provisioning profile in your IPA when a tester registers a new device, the following steps take place:

  1. Installr adds any new devices to the Apple Developer Portal
  2. Installr updates the Provisioning Profile in the Apple Developer Portal with the new device
  3. Installr replaces the embedded profile in your IPA
  4. Installr re-code-sign your IPA using the certificate used in the Provisioning Profile we obtained from your Apple Developer Portal

To complete the final step, we also need the ‘private key’ you used to generate the certificate.  The easiest way to upload this to Installr is in ‘p12’ format.  To export your private key for Installr to re-code-sign your apps:

  1. Open Keychain Access
  2. Select the ‘login’ Keychain in the left column
  3. Find the certificate used to sign your Provisioning Profile, and click the small triangle in the left most column to see your private key
  4. Right click your private key and choose Export ‘private key name’

Keep the File Format as ‘Personal Information Exchange (.12)’, choose a password and save the file.




You will be prompted to upload the .p12 file when you validate your Apple Developer Portal account details on uploading a new app, or you can upload anytime from the ‘INFO’ tab of an app.

upload upload_2